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Get access to legal advice as and when you need it by paying a monthly retainer fee.

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Save time

As soon as you encounter an issue you can contact us for initial advice. 

If the matter is more serious you can pass the papers directly to us and we can deal with the matter straight away.  As we spend time getting to know you and your business from the outset and keep in regular contact with you – you will get the service you need when you need it.

Save Money

Paying a monthly fee for advice eliminates the cost of searching for a solicitor and paying for a meeting each time a new problem arrises.

If the matter goes beyond initial advice you will not need to pay for our time investigating and getting to understand your business as we already know you and your business.

Save Energy

If you engage other professionals such as Accountants or HR Consultants we can liaise with them directly, saving you the effort of searching for information and documents.

Save your Reputation

You can engage your solicitor as soon as you need to, making responses prompt, showing you are an efficient and well managed company.

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